Is Your Bathroom Exlusively For Guests?

By: Ezra Plank

On this page, we will discuss guest bathroom paint, and your choices for decorating this type of room. As explained on the previous page, there are two kinds of guest bathroom: the bathroom that is connected to the guest bedroom, and the powder room designed to be used by party guests.

Two things all guest bathrooms have in common

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  1. You want your visitors to have a relaxing experience, even if their visit in this room is short. You want them to feel comfortable.

  2. You would like for them to be pleased with the elegance and beauty of your home, and to know that you care enough to properly decorate a special room in your home just for them.

One way to make sure that your guests are relaxed is to make them look good when they use the mirror. The bathroom wall reflects light, so this causes skin colors to take on a slight tinge of the wall color. So a good color for the guest bathroom paint would be in the pink to pale orange range, or maybe even a light tan if you want a neutral shade. These colors make just about anyone look better, no matter what is the color of their skin.

half full by slightly everything, on Flickr
Wall reflects light.

You may prefer colors that are more vibrant - to make a "fashion statement". In this case, don't worry so much about whether the color is flattering to your guest's skin tones. They will be too busy admiring your decorating skills to sit by the mirror and stare at their face.

The bathroom for the guest bedroom

Since this room is part of the guest suite, it should have a decorating scheme similar to that of the bedroom. Either use the same colors, or perhaps lighter shades of the same colors if the room is small. Alternatively, you could use guest bathroom paint colors that are complementary to the bedroom wall colors.

Girls' Bathroom by Jennifer Juniper mom, on Flickr
Girl's powder room.

The powder room

This room is usually a "half-bath", perhaps better described as "no-bath". There will be a toilet and sink, and perhaps some comfortable chairs arranged for gossip. Since it may be small, the room can be made to look larger if it has vertical stripes of alternating pastel and vibrant paint colors.

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Either use wide stripes of equal width, or make the pastel stripes much wider. The stipes can be painted on, or you can find a suitable wallpaper - you needn't worry about it peeling, since a powder room doesn't have a shower.

No matter which kind of guest bathroom you are painting, choosing the right color combination will help you to create a beautiful and useable room. Your guests will be impressed with all the effort you have made to decorate "their room".

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by Ezra Plank, an Ezine Articles Platinum Expert Author

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