How Does The Bathroom Type Affect
Your Choice Of Bathroom Paint?

By: Ezra Plank

You have a bathroom to paint? What bathroom type is it? That is, who are the main users of this particular room in your home?

"Does the bathroom type really matter? After all, most bathroom users are only in the room for a few minutes, and then leave." That's actually the case most of the time. But read on -- you'll see that it might matter a great deal.

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Bathroom type

For the purposes of this website, we will consider three bathroom types: Master Bathroom, Children's Bathroom, and Guest Bathroom. Some people split the last class into subclasses. There's the guest bathroom that's part of a guest suite. And in larger homes, there is often a "powder room" used by party guests.

The master bathroom

Since this room is to be used exclusively by the adults occupying the master bedroom, the choice of paint will reflect their needs and desires. In other words, you can use any kind of paint that is acceptable to both people.

Of course, you should stick to flattering colors ( no yellows or greens! ), and follow the precautions outlined in the other chapters of this website.

The children's bathroom

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If you have young children who have a bathroom just for themselves, your decorating scheme will of course be quite different. Children naturally spend more time in the bathroom than adults. And many of them tend to form a dislike of this room, as they're not overly excited about the activities that go on there -- toilet training, baths, and tooth-brushing.

To help overcome their natural reluctance to visit the bathroom, try to make the room more inviting by decorating it in a style they will appreciate. Use more color, and use bolder colors than you would in an adult bathroom. Since a bathroom revolves around water, use this as a theme.

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You could paint the children's bathroom in a bright blue or aqua, and use a border of fish and other sea creatures ... even a mural would be appropriate. Involve the children in planning the motif of their room.

Another decorating scheme might involve the beach. Divide the wall by painting the top part a bright yellow, and use a sand color for the bottom. You can add stencils of beach balls, pail and shovel, ...

The guest bathroom

There are so many possiblities, that we have devoted the next page exclusively to guest bathroom paint.

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