How To Solve The Problem Of
Bathroom Paint Mold

By: Ezra Plank

Do you have a problem with mold or mildew on your bathroom walls? Or perhaps you just want to keep this from happening to the new paint job you're planning? If either of these things is true, then keep on reading!

What are mold and mildew?

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Mildew is the name commonly given to bathroom mold. Mold is the most common type of fungus, and can grow just about anywhere that has the proper amount of moisture, temperature and nutrients.

Mold grows from spores that are easily airborne, and once they land, they can lay dormant for years. If conditions are warm and moist, the spores can mature into mold, since the nutrients they require are carbon-containing compounds that are abundant everywhere.

Moldy Paint by M Fortune, on Flickr
A very bad case of mold.

So the key to limiting the growth of mold is to limit the amount of moisture in the air, since that will inhibit its growth.

Is that spot mold or just plain grime?

Sometimes it's difficult to tell. Bathroom mold is usually gray or black in color, and may look like ordinary dirt. Here's a simple test for mold:

Put some bleach on the stain. If the bleach makes the spot lighter in color, then it's probably mold. If nothing happens, it's just dirt, and there's no problem.

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Removing mold.

Don't just paint over the stain -- that won't solve the problem at all. It will just cause the paint to peel, and then the fungus will spread out again.

Mix up a solution of 2 cups of bleach in a gallon of water, and thoroughly wash the wall to get rid of the stain. Then rinse with water, and allow to dry before you paint.

Stopping mold growth.

Many paint manufacturers make a special bathroom paint that contains a fungicide to prevent the growth of mold on the surface of the paint. And they provide a guarantee that the paint is "resistant" to mold and mildew.

The jury is out on whether this is really necessary. Some experts say that it's just as effective to add a seperate mildewcide to your paint before it is applied. If you have a serious problem, you could always add the mildewcide to the special paint for added insurance!

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